Runyon Equipment Rental Staff

Gary Runyon & Jackie Runyon
Owners of Runyon Equipment Rental, Gary has 50 years of rental experience he is the son of Jack Runyon who started Jack's Tool Rental in 1956.  
Jack Runyon
President of Runyon Equipment Rental: Jack has 18 years of rental experience he is the son of Gary Runyon and is 3rd generation of being in the rental industry.
Keith Hartz
Sales: Keith has been in the construction industry for 30 years. Keith is very passionate about the rental industry and prides himself on professionalism and customer service.

Bonnie Licklider
Sales: Bonnie has been in sales for 25 years.  Bonnie is exceptionally passionate about her customers and strives to exceed their expectations.

Carla Runyon-Fazekas
Office Manager: Carla has 16 years of rental experience she is the 3rd generation of being in the rental industry.
Bruce Taylor
Shop Manager: Bruce has 24 years of mechanic experience. 
Tempe Thompson
Purchasing: Tempe has 35 years of inventory experience.
Dave Tynan
Mechanic: Dave has 25 years of mechanic experience. Dave was hired by Grandpa Jack Runyon in the early 70's. Dave's specialty is maintaining and troubleshooting aerial lift equipment. 

Fred Wagner
Mechanic: Fred has 38 years of rental experience.  Fred's specialty is maintaining and troubleshooting paint sprayers.  

Jeff Pogorzelski
Mechanic: Jeff has 20 years of mechanical experience.  Jeff's specialty is troubleshooting and general repair.

Ted Prochnow
Driver/Warehouse Manager: Runyon Equipment's delivery drivers have a combined 35 years of rental experience. 
Frank Artmire
Yard Legend: Frank has 65 years of rental experience.

Jim Jackson
Painter: Jim has 55 years of body shop work and painting. 
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