RGC Pro 400 Professional 28' Gas Ladder Platform Hoist Lift Rental

  • RGC Pro 400 Professional 28 Gas Ladder Platform Hoist Lift Rental



The RGC Pro 400 is the best platform hoist on the market and is engineered for professional roofers with safety and efficiency in mind. The wheels and a handle make power drive transporting and assembly to the track practically effortless. The single control lever requires minimal effort from the operator, which improves productivity and makes the hoist safe and easy to use. The brake rope design permits feathering of the brake that results in a smooth, controlled platform descent.

The Pro 400 is a highly efficient hoist that is more cost effective than a crane, forklift or boom truck. The new and improved 33% larger cable drum diameter prolongs the life of the wire rope. The entire hoist is lightweight and extremely easy to transport. The pulleys have machined polymer sheaves that enhance wire rope life and provide a smooth, jerk-free movement. The high quality aluminum track sections are maintenance free and assemble with splice plates, bolts and sturdy lock nuts. This hoist is extremely versatile and able to lift to 44' heights. The heavy cast aluminum and durable steel will give you many years of reliable, efficient work, which makes the RGC Pro 400 the obvious choice.

Model Number: Pro 400

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