Billy Goat MV650H 27" Lawn Vacuum & Landscaping Equipment Rental

  • Billy Goat MV650H 27" Lawn Vacuum & Landscaping Equipment Rental



The Billy Goat MV650H 27" Lawn Vacuum is designed for a thorough clean-up. Billy Goat's newest vacuum - the MV650H - features incredibly strong suction, bagging versatility and quiet operation. This vacuum revolutionizes outdoor applications and solves hundreds of cleaning problems. It is equally suited for picking up parking lot litter, autumn leaves and thatch produced by Billy Goat's PR550H Power Rake.

Quiet Like A Lamb, Tough As A Billy Goat. Engineered to perform efficiently at low RPM, the MV650H Quiet Vac® operates at the lowest noise levels in the industry, while easily picking up cans, cigarette butts, 12 oz. glass bottles, leaves, thatch, and paper litter. Accessory bag filters and liners may be used in any combination. Match the appropriate filters and liners for high dust situations, wet or humid conditions or solid debris (cans, bottles, etc.)

The easy empty bag design provides the quickest, easiest way to empty and reinstall the bag. With the large front opening, debris can be dumped out the front of the bag. The bag is constructed with non-porous material at the top and back to prevent direct transfer of collected dust through the bag in the direction of the operator.

The vacuum's convenient position and elegant height control make nozzle adjustment a breeze. Simply pull on the handle-mounted T-knob to raise or lower the front nozzle. Lastly, keep in mind that the Quiet Vac® will pick up items as large as one-liter glass bottles.

Model Number: MV650H

Did you know we also have a towable leaf blower as well, for larger jobs? Find it here.

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