The Quail Sod Cutter is enjoyed by professionals because there are numerous landscaping jobs you can do with this one tool. Sod rolls up easily and you can average 30' of sod in 40 seconds. This rugged, kick type sod cutter cuts uniform 12" strips of sod quickly and smoothly. Each cutter is hand made and individually constructed with a one piece welded steel frame and nylon self-lubricating bearings. It is also equipped with varnished hardwood handles and a heat treated, fully adjustable blade that is guaranteed to last.

The product is lightweight, easy to use and does not need gas or oil to operate. The only thing required to operate the cutter is a simple kicking motion on the green cross bar while using the handles to push and direct the path. Landscapers, parks and recreation, cemeteries, baseball and softball field maintenance, rental centers, do-it-yourselfers and cement contractors are all ideal consumers of this product.

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